I can help you understand the most complex part of your business: your customers

I’m Hannah Shamji, Customer Researcher & Strategist, and I do done-for-you customer research & research training for tech companies.

Brands I’ve helped get closer to their customers:

Research done wrong stalls your growth and wastes time and money.


When you have a stake in the company, it’s hard to avoid bias in the customer data you collect


If research isn’t embedded into how you make decisions, it’s easy to be an afterthought


If findings aren’t easy to reference and share across teams, they’re bound to get lost or go to waste
Research done right can transform the way you market or build your product.


With my clinical research experience, I’m practiced at collecting unbiased data you can trust


With a few simple tools and processes, I can help you embed research into your decision-making


My researcher brain knows how to tease out actionable insights & make them shareable across the org

Lean on my decade of experience as a qualitative researcher

I’m also a Cornell Psych Grad & Counsellor (and former conversion copywriter) so I have just the skills & experience to connect with your customers and unlock the kind of insights that will fundamentally change the way you build and sell.

James Dean, CEO of Sensat


“I was really impressed with Hannah’s research & methodology. It was thorough, professional and I know a lot of startups would really benefit from her work.”