I can help you decode
the most complex part
of your business:
your customers

I’m Hannah Shamji, Consumer Psychologist and Founder of R-School. I help major tech companies unlock game-changing customer insights — and I teach non-researchers how to do the same.

Brands I’ve helped get closer to their customers

Brands I’ve helped get closer to their customers

Research done wrong will burn your resources

Research bias

When you have a stake in the findings, it’s hard to avoid bias

Research silos

When research is siloed, key decisions are made without it

Research waste

When learnings are scattered, they’re hard to apply and use

Research done right will catapult your growth

Unbiased research

I’ll help you collect unbiased data, so you’re not misled or confident about the wrong things

Embedded research

So it’s not an afterthought, I’ll help you embed research into how you make key decisions

Usable research

I’ll help you find and frame key insights so they’re easy to share and use

I help major tech companies unlock hidden customer insights that will transform the way you build and sell

I'm Hannah, Consumer Psychologist and Cornell Psych Grad with a decade of experience in qualitative research. I have just the skills and experience to arm you with customer insights that will position you a leader in the market.


“Hannah brought a depth and breadth of understanding of our customers that we were unable to articulate before.Very well presented and communicated. 

Michele Battelli, Chief Product Officer at Sensat


“Hannah’s research touches every aspect of our growth strategy. It’ll help drive our marketing strategy, customer success, our sales playbook, our product roadmap.”

Joseph Pomianowski, Co-Founder at Orchid Health

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© 2022 Hannah Shamji Research Inc.
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