Customer Research for the C-Suite:
A crash course in
customer discovery for
founders, execs &
key decision makers

Customer Research for the C-Suite (CRCS) is a
1-day workshop for founders and key decision makers
at early-stage tech startups who are spearheading customer discovery on the winding road to finding product-market-fit.

“There’s an art to question design and Hannah knows it. Her work will benefit us far into the future.”
Jonathan Sinclair, Program Manager at Shopify Plus

CRCS is right
for your team if:

You have proof of concept with a few beta users

but the value of your product is still in hypothesis


Funds and resources are limited so customer discovery

is a hat most of the team has to wear


You've googled how to run customer interviews but

you haven’t had any practical training in customer interviewing

Learnings are siloed and scattered across multiple documents —

making key findings hard to share across teams

Finding product-market fit is a
hugely valuable process for
your team to understand

Lots of companies try to shortcut validation — but finding product-market fit is a slow burn and a pivotal milestone in your startup growth

With key decision makers at the front lines of customer discovery you’re poised to use learnings to pivot in real time

With a few simple tools and steps, I can help you

Maximize your customer conversations and embed
simple research processes
into your workflows

You'll walk away with simple techniques & actionable insights on how to:

Embed research into product and business decisions
Ask the right questions and avoid biased feedback
Extract key findings and actionable insights from your data
Choose the right methods (and learn when to do each)
Structure a call to get the most out of a customer interview
Share insights across the team so none get lost or go to waste
Inside the Workshop

Day-long workshop ▪️ Four 90-minute sessions

Here’s the workshop outline.



Embedding Research Into Product

  • The real point of customer research
  • Aligning around a simple research process
  • Embedding research into product workflows


Aligning Research With Product

  • Aligning research with product each quarter
  • The importance of a research plan
  • Choosing the right qual methods
  • Tools: Research Roadmap Template, Research Plan Template


Mastering Your Methods

  • The art of collecting regular user feedback
  • Ask the right questions & avoid biased feedback
  • Structure your call to get the most out of the interview
  • Tools: Interview Tip Sheet, Interview Guide, Survey Tip Sheet


Sharing Insights With Your Team

  • Extract the right insights from your data
  • Write good problem statements that avoid these biases
  • Consolidate insights so none get lost or go to waste
  • Tools: Data Analysis Template

Lean on my wealth of experience
as a qualitative researcher
and former copywriter

I’m also a Cornell Psych Grad and Counsellor 
so I have just the skills and experience to help you
unlock a research practice that will transform
the way your company builds and sells.

Ready to align your team
around a standardized and
sustainable research process?

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