The first time I did a customer interview I made a rookie mistake. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Right after the call my then-boss called me out:

An interview is NOT a survey read out loud.
You can’t just read down a list of questions.
If you don’t respond to engage and respond to what they’re actually saying…
you’re missing out on a ton of insight.”

I was so embarrassed.

But he was right.

I could feel the disconnect.

The script was a nice crutch.

But it stifled the conversation.

What’s worse, I left the interview knowing I’d missed a bunch of insights we needed for the project.

12 years and 1000s of interviews later my clients willingly pay me $30K+ to get inside their customers’ heads.


Because they know:

The customer delight we can engineer from all that data will help them make even more money.

You and I both know that

every big name copywriter and marketer swears by customer interviews

But there’s a lot to conducting interviews and getting to those golden nuggets of insight that IS NOT intuitive or common sense.

If you don’t know how to deliberately build rapport and lead the call…

If you ask the wrong questions and miss important, non-verbal clues…
If you’re not sure how to actively “dig deep” and proactively elicit honest, unbiased answers…

chances are high you’re walking away from the interview with voice of customer data that’s incomplete or misleading —

And copy or messaging that’s not as strong as it could be.

Not to mention that even though you’re DOING THE HARD THING and talking to customers, when interviews go poorly, it’s hard to think it’s not you.

….what are you missing?

….what do the big names know that you don’t?

….what’s actually standing between you and the quoteable, swipeable, only-from-an interview data you’ve heard so much about?

But for all the emphasis on talking to customers...

no one’s really going over how to run those magical interviews where your copy basically writes itself

Sure, there are blogs and online trainings with the “the top questions” you should ask in an interview.

Some even give you scripts and frameworks with the basic do’s and don’ts of the interviewing process.

But what about when a customer reels off a short answer to one of your big, pre-planned questions?

How do you keep the conversation focused if your customer keeps rambling and going on tangents?

And how do you guide the customer towards deeper waters and help them open up?

Here's the tough truth:

While interview frameworks and scripts and question lists have their place, they’re only as good as, well, the interviewer.
As a Consumer Psychologist and having conducted thousands of customer interviews for companies like HubSpot, Tailwind and Doodle, I can tell you one thing:

All those scripts and question lists won’t make you a better interviewer or get you those juicy insights

Because there’s no RIGHT question you can ask or magic phrase you can lean on to help people dip beneath surface answers and really open up. 
Teasing out impressive voice of customer data is a dynamic (and learnable) skill, not a static process.

You don’t need to be an extrovert or have a psych degree to learn how to do it. 

But you do need a pulse on the interviewing fundamentals and a bit of conversation wizardry under your belt.

Introducing a 2-hour LIVE masterclass on customer interviews:

How to Get Customers to Open Up: Trade Secrets After 10 Years of Customer Interviews

This masterclass is a live, interactive 2-hour experience for an intimate group of 15 marketers and copywriters ready to master the art of digging deep and extracting the gold from every customer interview you run.

Prices are in USD. Because this is a service a full refund is only available if you request it up to the day before the event. A recording of the masterclass will be available if you cannot attend live.


“I thought I would just get more hacks to add to my long list of interview hacks, but in 120 minutes, I actually understand what’s going on in interviews. And Hannah has a degree to back this up. It’s kind of amazing.”

Katie Thies, Ecommerce Conversion Consultant


“I went into Hannah’s workshop thinking I was a natural at interviews. But I learned that a lot of things I felt were right and even really smart were actually NOT the way to approach convos with a customer. Really eye-opening!”

Rashi Mehra, Conversion Copywriter

I'm Hannah — Cornell Psych Grad, trained Counselor and Consumer Psychologist.

After 10 years of doing interviews for some of the coolest and boldest brands around, I have a lot of insight to share. 

Here’s the first thing you need to know:

Those golden nuggets of customer insight you’ve heard so much about? They exist and they’re within arm’s reach


“Before Hannah’s workshop, I felt very awkward running interviews.
Now I know how to approach these conversations to make people feel comfortable and suss out useful, meaningful information.
I’m an introvert but I feel way more confident about interviewing, and I actually enjoy interviews now!”

Kranthi Kiran, CEO & Founder,


“I always felt my customer interviews were missing the mark, but Hannah’s experience and education gave me real confidence she could help. Her workshop more than delivered. She showed me how to ask questions that unravel feelings and deep insights in interviews, so I can write high-converting copy. It was so valuable.”

Jennifer Dell, Conversion Copywriter & Strategist

So what do you actually get with a seat in the Customer Interview Masterclass?


[2h masterclass]


Get an immersive crash course on the art & psychology of interviewing using behavioural psych, counseling and jtbd. You will get a recording of the class.


TOOLS & TEMPLATES [The Interview Playbook PDF]


Get access to my Customer Interview Playbook with answers to logistical questions like “How do I take notes?” or “How do I reach out to customers?”.



For up to 1 month after the workshop, send me 30 minutes of an audio interview you conducted and I’ll give you personalized feedback.

I’m limiting the masterclass to 15 seats because I want there to be a good variety of voices and perspectives, but for it to still feel intimate.

You’ll leave this masterclass with
a newfound confidence
and the know-how to…


Add customer interviews to your offers & charge for it


You can either do this as a separate offer (like me — my entire business is customer research and customer interviews are a BIG part of that). Or you can include interviews as an EXTRA line item in existing offers and charge more for it.


Prove your messaging decisions to clients & leadership


Voice of customer data is a POWERFUL trump card in decision-making. Clients and managers are WAY less likely to push back on copy or messaging if they know the data behind it. Plus you’ll feel way more confident in your decisions, too.


Get more impressive results you know you can repeat


Once you know the skills and psychology of interviewing, you’ll get better with each interview, which means the insights you collect and the confidence in your understanding of the customer (and in your copy) will only and inevitably GROW. 

….All this from just 2-hours of your time learning these skills and more….


How to squash tangents and reroute the conversation


How to navigate a one word response with casual confidence


Little-known exceptions to common interviewing rules like 'don't lead'


How to position interviews as valuable to get buy-in from clients and leadership


How to ask more pointed questions that elicit more honest insight


How to quickly build rapport and set the tone for a powerful interview


How to dig deep and get your customer past boilerplate responses.


Ask customers for an interview with the exact emails I use to do the outreach

Grab your seat in the Customer Interview Masterclass

2 hour live masterclass on the fundamentals of interviewing with techniques and how-to’s from behavioral psych, counseling, jobs to be done theory and more

A Customer Interview Playbook fit with tools, templates and quick answers to common customer interview challenges like “How many customers do I need to interview?” and “How do I get customers to show up on the call?”

Personal feedback on 30 minutes of your own interview audio recording

Prices are in USD. Because this is a service a full refund is only available if you request it up to the day before the event. A recording of the masterclass will be available if you cannot attend live.