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“Hannah, I absolutely loved this episode completely. It reframed my frustration in a really helpful way”
Jenn D

“Loved this ep as always! I likehow your tips always boil down to being better at communications cuz that’s the essense of it.”
Brad M

I sometimes share customer interview tips by email, that I don’t talk about on my podcast. 

(I’m a Counsellor-turned-Copywriter and once-Qualitative Researcher, so my insights are grounded in all 3).

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Popular Episodes:

5/ “How do you ask hard questions in an interview?” [transcript]

I get this question a lot. Fair warning: My answer isn’t exactly palatable.

But if you dare to buy in to this notion (most won’t), expect deeper customer insights–the kind that’ll set you far ahead of your competition.

4/ Why Empathy Is a Half-Truth [transcript]

Everyone gung-ho about customer research rattles off the word empathy. I’m guilty of it, too. But it’s a half-truth.

For the full (and less romantic) truth and nothing but, listen to this episode.

3/ Characteristics Of a Master Interviewer, Volume 1 [transcript]

Most will resonate with this episode. It sits at the core of “bad” or “useless” interviews.

Manage this one aspect of yourself, and customers (or customer interviews) will never disappoint.

2/ Why You Have Bad or Useless Interviews (+ How to Prevent Future Flops) [transcript]

Ever walk out of an interview wondering “what happened in there?”. Or worse; “this was an absolute waste of time!”

Subliminal messages speak volumes. If you don’t manage yours, your customer won’t either. And that’s a recipe for a crappy, useless interview.

Tune in to see how to stop that, and prevent future flops.

1/ How Wanting My Customer to Like Me Almost Botched My Customer Interviews [transcript]

You really shouldn’t exercise this in a customer interview. But, most probably can’t help it. Though, you should. Because aside from a crappy customer conversation, it’ll make for bad, biased voice-of-customer data. Don’t risk it. Give this episode a listen.

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