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“Interview BETA” Workshop


Want to get better
at interviewing your customers?


You’re in the right place,
my conversion-focused friend.


Introducing “Interview BETA”

A 90-minute workshop on how to talk to your customer and tease out meaningful voice-of-customer data


In a mere 90 minutes (so, barely 2 episodes of “Sex Education”), you’ll leave knowing exactly how to:


1- Suck the stress/ panic/ nervousness out of your impending customer interviews (and why interviewing when stressed is a bad idea)

2- Squash tangents like a shoe to a cockroach (in a way that helps your customer trust you, build rapport, and get you deeper, more vulnerable insights–hello sales!)

3- Script your interviews for success

4- Avert or avoid and reroute tangents (like a Counselor)

5- Ask more pointed, useful questions to get more pointed, useful answers


A few more details:

> This workshop is ideal for: conversion-focused copywriters and marketers.

> The workshop will be led by a conversion copywriter & Counselor (that’s me, Hannah).

> It’ll be 90 ish-minutes long.

> On Thursday, March 14, 2019.

> At 9am PT / 12 ET.

> A replay will be available if you can’t attend live.

> If you don’t learn anything new or useful, email me after the fact and I’ll issue you a full refund.

“Hannah is amazingly skilled at this work!” -Rashi Mehra, conversion copywriter

“Hannah’s Counseling skills made the subtle difference I needed to really get the juicy stuff underneath those initial responses.” -Amy Posner, direct response conversion copywriter & coach