Hey, high-end conversion copywriter -

Hire out your research to
a qualitative research
expert so you can
focus on what you
love most: the copy.

Brands I’ve helped get closer to their customers 

Brands I’ve helped get closer to their customers

My Research For Copywriters package is for high-end copywriters like you who know how critical research is to writing copy that converts & who want the best possible insights for their clients—without having to do the research themselves.


“Hannah’s counseling skills made the subtle difference I needed to get the really juicy stuff underneath those initial responses. It was like being delivered the most difficult part of the project, so I could dig into the copy using Hannah’s VOC research, fresh and still excited about the project!” 

Amy Posner, Mentor, Coach, Copy Chief for Small Business Owners

My Research For Copywriters package is for you if:

You care about writing copy that converts

but you don’t love doing the VOC research

Research is on your critical path to conversions

but you’d rather not be the one doing it

Your clients have some customer data but

you’re not sure how valid it is or if it was done right

You've daydreamed about handing off the research

but first you need someone you can trust. 

Talking to customers takes time.
But you can’t shortcut the customer research process.
To write the best copy possible you need the best information from your clients & their customers. I can help.

With a customer researcher on-hand, you'll have

a rich set of key insights to wow your clients and anchor your copy—without having to talk to a single customer

Here's the clarity you can expect at the end of my research:


Identify your best-fit customers and

who to target in your marketing and ads


Build a single source of customer insight for

the whole org to reference and align around


Determine your highest converting messages

and where to focus your sales and marketing copy

Win over new leads again and again

a deep understanding of what your market cares about

From handing off the research to sitting back and waiting for the insights, here’s how your next project could play out:

Step 1: Relationship rules

You & I will meet about scope & working style so I can fit the research into how you already operate


Step 2: Goals & big questions

First we’ll isolate the Qs we want to answer, so we’re not just throwing a survey at the wall


Step 3: Mapping methods

I’ll strategize the right research activities to get us the insights you need to write compelling copy


Step 4: Understanding your client's customers

I’ll use interviews, surveys and social listening to understand your client’s customers


Step 5: Extracting key insights

With a critical mass of data, I’ll use qualitative data analysis methods to find patterns of meaning


Step 6: Extracting key insights

I’ll share my final report incl key findings and recommendations with you on a 30 min call

A few key extras
you can count on…

Handsfree Research

I’ll coordinate every bit of research with your client, from collecting existing data to interviewing front-line employees

Weekly Client Updates

I’ll provide you & your client with email updates every Friday on the what & whereabouts of the research that week

Custom Research Hub

You’ll get a link to a private portal where I’ll track my work so you & your client have full transparency into the research in real time

My approach to research
puts your clients and their customers at the center
of every step

from how I reach out to your clients and their customers to
conduct the research down to making sure my analysis
doesn’t quantify the human out of the data


Very well presented. Hannah brought a depth & breadth of understanding of our customers that we were unable to articulate before.”

Michele Battelli, Chief Product Officer at Sensat

Lean on my decade of experience
as a qualitative researcher

I’m also a former conversion copywriter  
so I know just the insight you need to
write copy that connects and converts.

Ready to outsource the research
so you can focus on the copy?

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